Nail Care

Nail care

Podiatrist, just a glorified nail parlour right ? ……. not quite.

At Arch Podiatry we treat a range of nail conditions which at times can be a little bit painful and at other times a little bit embarrassing. Conditions such as:


  • Ingrown toenail – When the nail grows into the skin. 
  • Fungal  toenail – Fungal infection within the nail.
  • Black toenails –  Usually trauma related. 
  • Nail Thickening – Usually trauma related.
Who gets these? Unfortunately these common nail conditions can occur to anyone at anytime. But dont worry we have you sorted with the right treatment plan to ensure these annoying little conditions dont stick around for to long. 

But don’t worry for those who find it a little difficult to cut their own nails come on in take a seat and let us do it for you